How to bridge UST from Terra to Avalanche 💁

So, you have UST in terra station, but want to move it to the avalanche network (AVAX Mainnet), you have 3 hurdles to jump. Lets get going….

Shaun Enslin
3 min readJan 18, 2022



Ok, so I am assuming you already have some UST in your TerraStation wallet. Now, you want to make some investments on the Avalanche network. Perhaps, you want to trade on Home | Trader Joe ( or on the brand new Platypus — A Novel StableSwap: simple, flexible and scalable

First up is you need to have the BSC chain loaded on Metamask. If you not sure, then here is a good article to get you going.

Add the UST token to metamask BSC network using this contract.

Step 1: Send UST to BSC

Now use terrabridge to send your UST from the terra network to the BSC network.

  1. Connect to the terra wallet
  2. Choose BSC
  3. Choose UST
  4. Enter amount
  5. Enter your BSC address from metamask
  6. Click next

Now complete the confirmation screens in terrastation and your UST should pop up in metamask in a few seconds.

Step 2: Swap UST for USDT

Now we need to get our UST into USDT, so we can use pancakeswap for this task. Make sure you are in “Exchange” and connect metamask. Then you can make the swap as below.

Be sure you have some BNB for the fees

Step 3: Move USDT to Avalanche network

Now we will use multichain to bridge our UST to the AVAX network.

  1. Connect multichain to metamast and ensure you are in the BSC network
  2. Swap from USDT BSC
  3. Swap to USDT Avalanche

Now, first click approve and then click on swap

Now, make yourself a coffee and hang around for 3–30 minutes for your USDT to transfer.

After adding the USDT token as per here, you will see your balance in metamask as below.


Now that you have your USDT.e, you can go ahead on exchanges such as traderJoe