Degens only — Using Thor to turn $2k into $1.7k p/m

Passive income through purchasing nodes is risky, but has provided an ROI in 3 months on the projects that have survived. I have decided to go with Its new, its Degen, it may tank, but here are the reasons I went for it.


  • Thor is a fork of RING which was a total failure
  • The lead developer of Thor has KYC’d, but rest of the team is anonymous and this is a concern.
  • They do have a very active discord
  • They are open with their investments in offering nodes as a service and seem to be making some great investments, having recently become a FTM validator.
  • Also doing DeFi as a service, so seem intent to not purely be a ponzi scheme requiring new participants to keep up the yields.
  • The project is only a month old, so don’t ape in with more than 2% of your portfolio.
  • The 29th Jan is a big date to see if they are able to stop the whales dumping their rewards and sending the price the same way as RING.

Some positives

Big catch


  1. Purchase your Thor tokens
  2. Approve the contract (only need to do this once)
  3. Name your node
  4. Create the node
  5. Compound

Strategy: The magic 5 nodes

  1. Purchase 1 Thor node for a $2250 investment.
  2. Wait 37 days for the payback reward and purchase node 2.
  3. Now, with 2 nodes, wait 19 days to purchase node 3.
  4. With 3 nodes hammering away, wait 13 days for rewards to purchase node 4
  5. Finally, with 4 nodes pumping away, wait 10 days with enough to purchase 5 nodes




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