With so much negativity around ADA, I thought I would give you some reasons why I am hanging on to them. Some of the hottest projects in DeFi have been attracted to Cardano’s smart contract’s. With 100’s of DeFi projects already on the blockchain, and over 2,000 more projects waiting to be deployed in the coming year, I want to see where this puppy takes me.

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Reason 1: MELD

Can you mine Shiba Inu (SHIB) (or any other coin) on AWS? Is it cost effective? I was interested to see if it would work first, then which are the best instances to use and would it make financial sense?

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So, you have UST in terra station, but want to move it to the avalanche network (AVAX Mainnet), you have 3 hurdles to jump. Lets get going….


JUST LAUNCHED — Is it possible to make 1083.3% APR on staking USDT?? Not till now, but Platypus seems to have come up with a great option for you. Can we do this with risking only 15%?


So, if you love your TOMB (as I do), then you are going to love BOMB. With 3700% and 8400% APY, its a great time to dip your toes in to BOMB.money.


Want to stake your LUNA for a 25% APR in a farm that will have very limited impermanent loss? Well, loop finance may be your answer.

Wanting to do something with your UST during this bearish period? For all you LUNAtic’s, Spectrum Protocol has an option worth looking at. Make sure your cash-o-meter is getting yields as you wait for those great buying opportunities to come along.

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Read this BEFORE you do a pump & dump and get your Lambo on back order. I did a little research for a friend who was sure this was a quick fire route to millions. Thought I would show you the results.

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A safe option is to just do your own compounding weekly. Then you are not trusting 3rd part auto compounders and dont run the risk of the recent GRIM hack. Here is a quick guide of you are new to $TOMB in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Claim $TSHARES in cemetery and stake in masonry

Shaun Enslin

Coding, technology and data are my passions. Oh, and some crypto trading with lots of cycling on the side. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaun-enslin-4984bb14b/

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