Of course you want to debug your jupyter notebooks. Using print to debug just makes your life difficult. Who wants difficult ;-)

Baviaans Kloof — South Africa

Transitioning from Web2 to Web3 is going to revolutionise our work environment. Like it or not, watch this space over the next 5 years. Is xHashtag leading the way?


  1. Web 1 — this was our world where purchased servers and housed them in data centre’s. (usually close to our office)
  2. Web 2 — Now, we moved to AWS, GCP or Azure and we…

Sound to good to be true? Well may be, but for now, let’s make hay while the sun shines. 5 steps to get in on the action by swapping FTM for TOMB and earning TSHARE rewards.

  1. Add FTM network to Metamask
  2. Use Binance to send FTM to metamask
  3. Swap FTM for TOMB on spooky swap
  4. Use FTM/TOMB to buy LP tokens

Getting your hands on KUJI before its available in Binance, KuCoin or Crypto.com is a bit of a process, but may well be worth the effort.

Save thousands of $ and many hours of windscreen time by optimising your sales force territories geographically. This is your chance to put machine learning into action with tangible benefits to your sales force.

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Simple google sheet to keep track of your profits and coins across exchanges and wallets. Auto update prices from CoinMarketCap, giving you a quick overview to your entire portfolio and how you have progressed across all your coins.

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Can you mine Shiba Inu (SHIB) (or any other coin) on AWS? Is it cost effective? I was interested to see if it would work first, then which are the best instances to use and would it make financial sense?

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This article show you how to write your own data studio community connector, then create a datasource which will call a custom API with basic authentication to retrieve the data for a Google DataStudio report.

Photo by Author — nothing better than an African subset, spot the mountain bikers ;-)

This complete guide to multi class neural networks will transform our data, create the model, evaluate with k-fold cross validation, compile and evaluate a model and save the model for later use. Later, we will reload the models to make predictions without the need to re-train.

Photo by author: Avoid the pitfalls of retraining your data


  • You can download the source code from GitHub
  • If you would like to see how to code a neural network from scratch, check this article
  • Download the…

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Coding, technology and data are my passions. Oh, and some crypto trading with lots of cycling on the side. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaun-enslin-4984bb14b/

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