260% APR by staking FTM on TOMB Finance

Sound to good to be true? Well may be, but for now, let’s make hay while the sun shines. 5 steps to get in on the action by swapping FTM for TOMB and earning TSHARE rewards.

Follow this article on my journey to stake in TOMB finance. I have $479 of FTM which I am staking and will follow these steps:

  1. Add FTM network to Metamask

Come back for updates every few days to see how we go and if the value increases as promised.

Would also like to shout out my favourite crypto show, “Crypto banter”. Check it out and become a sniper on trading view…

Step 1: Add FTM Opera to Metamask

  1. Make sure you have installed the metamask chrome extension as shown here.

Step 2: FTM from binance to Metamask

  1. If you already have FTM, then move it to an exchange like Binance which allows you to withdraw FTM on the FTM network.

Save in fee’s: if you have FTM on Kucoin or in the ETH network, then swap it for XRP, transfer the XRP to Binance, swap XRP back for FTM and then transfer to Metamask using FTM network. You will save almost $100 in fee’s

2. Change to the Fantom network in metamask

3. Now in binance, withdraw to your Metamask address. Be sure to choose the FTM network.

Step 3: Swap FTM to TOMB

  1. Go to spooky swap and connect to your metamask wallet.
    (Or go to Tomb Finance and click on ‘Buy TOMB’)

Now swap around half of your FTM for TOMB. You need both FTM and TOMB to be able to stake TOMB, so don’t swap it all.

You need an equal amount of FTM and TOMB to stake, so, its roughly half FTM to TOMB, So if TOMB is a higher price, then you will need to leave a little more FTM than TOMB in your wallet.

Note after you have swapped, you will see the TOMB in your Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Buy LP tokens

  1. From tomb.finance click ‘buy tomb’

Step 5: Stake your LP tokens

  1. Now make your way to cemetery to stake your LP tokens and follow the flow below:

Daily Updates

I will update this article over the next few weeks with the results so you can see it in action.

Day 1

Ok, so a day later and no tshares just yet, but I have to wait for a certain number of epoch’s to finish. I see the value is up from yesterday, but my guess is that is because FTM and TOMB are up a little.

Day 3

Check back on 3 Dec for an update…

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